Melting Pots and Building Blocks- The Founding of Piddlin’ Rooster

The Melting Pot

Business ownership is like a melting pot. Not in the normal sense of different people coming together to form a community, but similar:  it takes many different forms of personal experiences, education, actions, trials and errors, lessons learned, tears, sweat, long nights, hard work, and an unbelievable amount of heart and passion all melded together. In the case of Tipsy Roo’s, someone may see a bottle of our sauce on the store shelf but what they won’t see is everything that went into it. The years of recipe development. The scraping the last few dollars out of the bank account to put toward a dream. The hours of contemplation on the perfect wording for the labels. The exponential increase of gray hair. All of these moments melt together to become the building blocks of your business.


Starting and owning a business is the true test of self. If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to dig deep and find your why. That is step zero, the building block before you even start your venture. Why are you doing this? What is going to be the driving force of getting you out of bed every morning? This reason can’t be for someone else because if it is, it won’t last. Doing something for someone else won’t fuel your passion for long.


Do you ever have dream or ever get tired of living a certain way? Tired of going to work for someone else while they are the ones who prosper? That’s one of the reasons we began our venture with Tipsy Roo’s. That is one of our “why’s”. We want financial freedom. To work when we need to. Family is one of the most important things to us and we want to be able to spend time together. Working 50+ hours per week leaves little time together. We want to be available to our children and not at someone else’s beck and call. We want to have the fun summers, to go to every game, be at every school play, or whatever event our kids have. Ultimately, we want to be role models to our children. We want to be their living example of showing them they can do anything they put their minds and hearts to.

Learning Humility

Your journey will unveil your strengths and weaknesses you never knew you had. Everything from communication, technology and working with computers, building a web page, building a following, to time management, accounting, and relationship building. If you are like me, I had a huge issue with making mistakes. I would be embarrassed and have that feeling in the pit of my stomach of shame and worry. Don’t! You are in the business of learning and humility is a necessity. I have come to the realization that there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities. Once you make this switch in your mind, you will feel much more comfortable about your new venture.

Just like you, your business is always evolving. Your vision will evolve. Your plans will change. Don’t resist it. One of the most important things to remember is to learn to adapt with the change; when something isn’t working the way you want it to, step back and reevaluate and figure out what needs changed. Be coachable and gracefully take advice from experienced business owners. Be comfortable with the thought of failure.


On the outside, you see our products. You taste how amazing they are. But what you don’t see or often think about is every aspect that went into those jars. Tipsy Roo’s is our melting pot of passion and determination, failures and humility, experiences and learning, hard work and why’s. What goes in your melting pot?



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Owners Travis and Mary Beth have spent the past decade developing their products before turning it into a business. Tipsy Roo’s is a fun and unique brand that adds alcohol into every product. We make delicious barbecue sauces and soon more recipes and other products never seen in stores.


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