Barbour County Development Authority

Local economic development assistance to businesses in Barbour County.


The Barbour County Development Authority (BCDA) provides support for all types of entrepreneurs and business owners in Barbour County.  We offer site location assistance and have property available in the Belington Industrial Park that is for lease or sale.  We also lease space in downtown Philippi for commercial businesses.  We provide technical assistance to start up and existing businesses and act as resource to help them find expertise in accounting, financing, legal, and technical issues. 

To help meet the needs of startup entrepreneurs, the BCDA started a small revolving loan fund ($2,000 limit) for businesses that meet certain requirements.  Priority is given to businesses that will replace a business where the owners are retiring, that have a storefront as opposed to an on-line business, and who have at least part of the funds needed to start the business.   

The BCDA works to assist in creating a location that is attractive to businesses and residents through addressing housing issues, working to expand the availability of high speed Internet, and addressing other infrastructure needs to result in economic growth.  We also provide grant writing services to public and non-profit entities looking to create jobs, rehabilitate dilapidated buildings, or expand economic opportunities.  The BCDA works regionally and partners with other groups to obtain similar goals.  Our mission is to create an economic environment that attracts businesses and residents to Barbour County.

Services Provided

Economic and Site Development

  • Site Location Assistance
  • Economic Development

Buying or Selling a Business

  • Purchasing or Selling an Existing Business

Business Planning

  • Business Succession Planning
  • Business Plan Consulting
  • Forming a Business

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Matching Fund Providers
  • Microloan Providers


  • Retail Space
  • Site Location Assistance

Starting a Business

  • Site Location

Events and Community Building

  • Pitch Events
Contact Information
Cheryl Wolfe
33 South Main Street
Philippi, WV 26416