Resource Partner Tool Kit

Thank you for registering your organization as a Resource Partner with WV BusinessLink!

What is the West Virginia BusinessLink?
West Virginia BusinessLink (BusinessLink), a function of the West Virginia Department of Economic Development, is a starting point for creating a network that links area entrepreneurs and business owners to local, regional, and state services to help companies launch, grow, and prosper.

As a technology tool, BusinessLink provides:
● Access to dynamic web directory of service providers offering a broad range of expertise
● Quick links to the appropriate resources to assist in starting or growing a business

Who can be part of BusinessLink?
Any not-for-profit, government, or educational organization that serves entrepreneurs and small businesses can be included in the online platform. There is no cost to be listed. Simply complete the online form found via the link below.

If an organization joins the network, does it still keep its own identity?
Absolutely. Each organization continues to operate as it does today. BusinessLink’s purpose is to help entrepreneurs find the right resource at the right time. This is accomplished by facilitating connections to the services included in our database.

How does BusinessLink help service provider partners?
● Greater community awareness and publicity of services
● Compilation of referral and visibility statistics
● Identification of criteria frequently searched by business owners, which leads to insights that will be shared with participating Resource Partners

On this page, we will be providing a tool kit for partners that they can use to promote their engagement with the West Virginia BusinessLink.   If you have any questions about the tools provided here please do not hesitate to reach out to

Bill Woodrum, Coordinator, WV Entrepreneurship Network

304.400.7606   [email protected]


Partner News Release Template

Please use this template as a base for a news release starting September 13 to announce your status as an official Resource Partner with WV BusinessLink.

2021-08 WV BusinessLink Resource Partner Joining Press Release Template


Partner Newsletter Template

Please use template in your newsletter starting September 13 to announce your status as an official Resource Partner with WV BusinessLink.

2021-09 BusinessLink Newsletter Template for Resource Partners

Social Media Accounts for WV BusinessLink

Facebook: WV BusinessLink
Twitter: @WVBusinessLink
Linked In: @WVBusinessLink 
YouTube: WV BusinessLink Channel

Social Media Graphics

Here are various social media graphics and suggested text that can be used to promote your engagement with WV BusinessLink.


Benefits of WV BusinessLink Suggested Text: #WestVirginia based #entrepreneurs get support from @WVBusinessLink –  @wvcommerce @devo @daily304 – #EconDev #Innovation #Small Business  and #Technology in #AlmostHeaven #YesWV

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WV BusinessLink Coming Soon Suggested Text:  [organizational social media tag] is excited for the new #WVBusinessLink tool for #entrepreneurs-@wvcommerce @devo @daily304 – #EconDev #Innovation #Small Business  and #Technology in #AlmostHeaven #YesWV

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How to Use WV BusinessLink Social Media Suggested Text: #Entrepreneurs in #WV can use a new tool to support their #smallbusiness-@wvbusinesslink                     @wvcommerce @devo @daily304 – #EconDev #Innovation #Small Business  and #Technology in #AlmostHeaven #YesWV

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Link to WV BusinessLink Flier:

PDF WV BusinessLink Flier 


Registered Partner Graphic

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Official Resource Partner graphic















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