The Truth About Free Government Grants


One of the statements we hear frequently is “I need a grant for my business. What is available?”

Unfortunately, most grants are for nonprofit organizations, not small businesses.  BE VERY CAREFUL of advertisements promoting “free money for your business.” These ads can be very misleading, often suggesting that you can receive a list of many grant sources for a fee of a few hundred dollars.

Frequently this is a list of microloan programs – which you must repay – or grants for nonprofit agencies.

The federal government does offer a few very competitive and targeted grants to companies developing various targeted technologies (often high technology).

This article by SCORE helps you determine if a government grant offer is a scam or legitimate.


COVID Effect

Unfortunately, many scam artists used the pandemic to lure in unsuspecting business owners.  This action became so prevalent that the   put out a warning against being taken in by this ruse.