Washington County Council on Economic Development (WCCED) – First Microloan of West Virginia

SBA Microloan provider covering 38 Counties in WV, 6 counties in PA, and 5 counties in OH. Loans size can range from $5000 to $50,000 for up to 6 years. We help businesses gain access to capital they may otherwise no be able to receive.


The SBA Microloan Program provides small, short-term loans to small business concerns and certain types of not-for-profit child-care centers. The SBA makes funds available to specially designated intermediary lenders, which are nonprofit community-based organizations with experience in lending as well as management and technical assistance. These intermediaries make loans to eligible borrowers. The maximum loan amount is $50,000, but the average microloan is about $37,000.

Microloans may be used for the following purposes:

  • Working capital
  • The purchase of inventory or supplies
  • The purchase of furniture or fixtures
  • The purchase of machinery or equipment.
  • Can be used for either start up or existing businesses.

Proceeds from a microloan cannot be used to pay existing debts or to purchase real estate.

The Microloan program can also partner with other organizations and/or lending institutions for a total loan package of up to $150,000

Services Provided

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Financial Modeling
  • Loan Providers (Specialty)
  • Microloan Providers (Specialty)
Contact Information
Tim James
273 South Main St
Washington, Pa 15301